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Welcome Message

With not just the declining birthrate and extreme aging of Japanese society, but also rapid aging in the world’s most developed countries, the preservation and advancement of people’s health has become an important topic, and within that extending healthy lives has become an urgent matter. At Masters, we hold domestic, Asian, and world competitions with games adapted for each age, and our development has gained social recognition.

This time, by holding the 2018 International Gold Masters Competition, an international athletics competition in Nara which includes both track and field events and swimming events, we are trying to contribute to promote participation and event success in both the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as the 2021 Kansai World Masters Games. In addition, by making international contributions through sports and promoting lifetime sports, we aim for a competition that contributes to reducing medical costs.

Through this competition, even if just one more person finds health and a meaningful life through sports, or if more citizens can understand and cooperate with the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the purpose of this event will have been achieved.

We thank you for your understanding and agreement, and hope to have your support and cooperation.

  • [Host] International Masters Athletics Federations President Kiyoshi Konoike (Japan Masters Athletics Federations, President)
  • [Management] Nara Masters Track and Field Union President Osamu Kikuchi
    Nara Pref. Swimming Union President Hideaki Minami